Where to report nursing home abuse in Georgia?



The most direct method for reporting nursing home abuse in Georgia is to call Healthcare Facility Regulation at 1-800-878-6442 and file a complaint. You can also report a complaint to a state or regional ombudsman.

Healthcare Facility Regulation is responsible for overseeing and regulating nursing homes in Georgia, so naturally it’s a good place to report nursing home abuse to. HFR’s website provides resources for nursing home residents and their families, including the option to file a complaint about a licensed health care facility. To report nursing home abuse, call HFR at 1-800-878-6442. It’s important to leave your contact information, so that a member of HFR staff can reach you. Alternately, you can fax 404-657-5731, and file your complaint that way.

You can also dial 2-1-1 to talk to a representative who will answer your questions about health or human services and put you in touch with the right organization.

Additionally, the Georgia Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman trains community representatives (ombudsmen) to advocate for nursing home residents. These ombudsmen try to ensure that nursing home residents enjoy the highest possible quality of life, and that their requests and wishes are honored. Ombudsmen operate on the community level, and investigate complaints they receive from concerned community members. Accordingly, you can report nursing home abuse by calling the State Office at 404-463-8383, or you can request information about ombudsmen in your community through the Georgia Ombudsman website.

Nursing homes have a legal duty to protect their residents from abuse. If a nursing home fails to take the right preventative measures, and a resident falls victim to abuse, then the facility may be liable for any resulting injuries or trauma. This means the nursing home may be responsible for related medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, and pain and suffering.   

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