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Your Atlanta Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse Lawyers:

Several thousand Atlanta residents now live in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Many families make the agonizing decision to place loved ones in nursing homes and assisted living facilities with the hope that that loved one will enjoy comfort, rest, and care. Unfortunately, many facilities to not fulfill such hope. Most nursing homes in Georgia are owned or operated by for-profit companies that are motivated by profits instead of the needs of residents. In order to save money, operators of facilities cut corners and expenses. As a result, nursing home workers often lack the required training and do not have the proper attitude of a true caregiver.

After placing a loved one in the care of a nursing home or an assisted living facility, most families do not think twice that their loved one will be cared for. Sadly, it is an unfortunate fact that nursing home neglect and abuse are on the rise in Georgia. Nursing homes, owners, and staff should be held accountable for the injuries caused by abuse or neglect.

Common Causes of Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse in Atlanta

There are several causes of nursing home neglect and abuse in Georgia facilities. Here are the more common causes:

  • Understaffed
  • Insufficient training of staff
  • Failure to conduct background checks on staff
  • Failure to maintain equipment
  • Failure to keep the facility clean and free of debris

Signs of Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Nursing home neglect can sometimes be difficult detect. Families should be vigilante and visit their loved ones as often as possible. There are some warning signs that may indicate nursing home neglect. These types of warning signs are commonly seen in Georgia nursing homes:

  • Bedsores (pressure sores)
  • Untreated or unexplained cuts or bruises
  • Hygiene issues (unpleasant odors, soiled clothes)
  • Unclean or foul-smelling rooms
  • Rapid fluctuations in weight

Why Schenk Smith is Passionate about Protecting Atlanta Nursing Home Residents

If you suspect that your loved one has been the victim of neglect or abuse at a nursing home facility, it is important that you seek legal help as soon as possible.

With millions in settlements, the lawyers at Schenk Smith are experienced advocates for the elderly and disabled. A majority of their practice is focused on representing elderly, the disabled, and their families who have been injured in Georgia nursing homes. This means that Schenk Smith can bring focused experience and dedication to your case.

Founding partner Will Smith worked for nearly a decade as a CNA in Georgia nursing homes in Georgia. There he learned firsthand how to treat our senior citizens with dignity and respect. His duties included the feeding, bathing, and medicating of the residents. He is no stranger to the ins and outs of nursing homes. As an attorney, he uses that experience fighting on behalf of those that have been injured.

How Does Schenk Smith Approach Nursing Home Cases in Atlanta?

At Schenk Smith, an experienced nursing home lawyer will handle your case from start to finish. Unlike other firms, your case will NOT be passed off to a paralegal.

Once we take a case, the lawyers at Schenk Smith immediately begin investigating the claim. We order medical records, interview witnesses, and have experts review documents. We place the nursing home or assisted living facility on notice to preserve evidence and demand that they hand over the appropriate insurance information.

In short, our lawyers treat every claim with care, and prepare every case for trial. Even though many lawsuits settle, our reputation as dedicated trial lawyers helps to maximize the value of our cases.
Our opponents know that we don’t bluff.

What are the Fees for a Nursing Home Case?

At Schenk Smith, handle nursing home abuse and neglect cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not get paid unless a recovery is made. In other words, the lawyer’s fee is ‘contingent’ on there being a recovery. Our fee is a percentage of the total amount recovered, and represents the lawyer’s time and effort in your case. Remember, with Schenk Smith, you pay no attorney’s fees unless we get you a recovery.

Recent Nursing Home Victories

Schenk Smith recently mediated a settlement for the estate of an 87 year old client suffering advanced dementia who passed away after falling at a Georgia assisted living facility. Despite showing signs of head trauma after her fall (bruising, loss of capacity), the facility failed to alert medical personnel for three days. We were able to recover the family over several hundred thousand dollars, despite the client’s advanced age and dementia.

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If you have a loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility, the thought of that person being the victim of neglect or abuse is horrifying. Unfortunately, this kind of abuse occurs every day in Georgia.

At the Georgia law firm of Schenk Smith, our lawyers have years of experience litigating personal injury claims on behalf of families whose loved ones were hurt or killed by nursing home neglect or abuse.

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