Are multiple urinary tract infections a sign of nursing home neglect?


Multiple urinary tract infections are a common sign of nursing home neglect. When nursing homes neglect to follow research-backed practices in using catheters and other medical equipment, residents often develop multiple urinary tract infections. If this happens, the nursing home may be responsible for any related medical expenses as well as pain and suffering.

A urinary tract infection (or UTI) is the most common infection developed by nursing home residents. An infection in any part of the urinary system, kidneys, bladder, or urethra, a UTI may cause pelvic pain, back pain, nausea, and vomiting, depending on which part of the body is affected.

There are many steps nursing homes can take to prevent residents from developing UTIs. For example, research shows that using an indwelling urinary catheter (a tube used for removing fluid from the body), significantly increases the risk of UTIs, and each day a resident uses a catheter further increases that risk. In fact, after 30 days of catheter use, the chance of multiple UTIs developing is almost guaranteed. In addition, the mortality rate is higher among nursing home residents who use a catheter for over 30 days.

To prevent residents from developing UTIs, nursing home staff should limit their use of catheters and follow research-backed methods in using them, like keeping a closed drainage system and washing hands frequently. Nursing home staff should be alert to any signs of a urinary tract infection, such as a sudden change in behavior, incontinence, and confusion. When a caregiver recognizes one or more of these common UTI symptoms, they should take action as soon as possible to treat the infection, prevent it from spreading, and keep it from recurring.

If a resident develops multiple UTIs, it’s usually a sign that the nursing home has not taken adequate precautions, either in using catheters or maintaining proper sanitation. In this case, the nursing home is guilty of neglect under Georgia law, and may be liable for consequences like medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, and related pain and suffering from UTIs.

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