How do I recognize signs of nursing home neglect?



Nursing home neglect occurs when a nursing home fails to give a person the

attention and care they need. Common signs of neglect include poor hygiene,

malnutrition, unexplained injuries, changes in behavior, and unsafe or unsanitary

living conditions. Catching these signs early on will help you determine if a

nursing home is neglecting your loved one.

When a nursing home doesn’t have enough staff or doesn’t train its workers

properly, residents’ hygiene is often one of the first things to suffer. Since nursing

home staff are responsible for helping residents brush their teeth, bathe, brush their

hair, clip their nails, and change their clothes, a lack of hygiene in any of these

areas is a sign of neglect.

Weakness, illness, and weight loss, due to malnutrition, are also signs of nursing

home neglect. Malnutrition usually happens when a nursing home is experiencing

high traffic or fails to give its residents the individualized care they require.

Serious malnutrition leads to illness and eventually death.

Similarly, unexplained bruises or broken bones are clear warning signs that a

resident isn’t receiving the help they need. If an elderly person tries to do

something like get dressed or walk without assistance, they may fall and injure


Sudden changes in behavior can also signal neglect. A neglected resident may try

to isolate themselves from other people, or they may show signs of depression or

anger. They may also be reluctant to talk in front of nursing home staff.

Unsafe or unsanitary living conditions are red flags when it comes to nursing home

neglect. If a resident doesn’t have access to clean clothes and bedding, or if the

kitchen or bathroom seem dirty, that’s a sign of neglect. Similarly, a nursing home

should minimize hazardous conditions like slippery floors, low lighting, and unsafe


Nursing homes have a legal duty to provide sufficient care and attention for their

residents. If a nursing home resident suffers from neglect, then the nursing home

may be liable for any consequences. This includes medical bills, out-of- pocket

expenses, and pain and suffering.

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