What is Georgia Adult Protective Services?



The Adult Protective Services, or “APS,” is a state governmental agency within the Georgia Department of Human Services, created for the protection of elders or adults with disabilities. APS intervenes when an adult or elder is in danger of being abused, neglected, or is not able to take care of themselves properly. Individuals over the age of 65 or over the age of 18 with a disability are eligible for assistance from Adult Protective Services.

When reports are received, APS will investigate, monitor, and evaluate the reported issue in order to best assess the situation. In addition, the agency is able to provide legal, social, medical, emergency, housing, or supportive services.

Mandated reporters, such as medical or law enforcement personnel, are required by law to report all cases of suspected abuse, neglect, or exploitation of adults or elders with disabilities. It is encouraged for everyone in the community to report suspected cases of abuse or neglect.

Individuals are able to report abuse of elders on the website (http://aging.dhs.georgia.gov/adult-protective-services), by telephone, or fax machine. APS does not investigate reports of abuse if the elder resides in a long-term care facility.

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