Should I use my med pay to pay for bills after a car accident?


For many victims of car accidents, paying for treatment can become a bigger burden than the actual injury suffered. Often, I am asked by client whether it is a good idea to use their own “Medical Payments Coverage” to pay for medical care. This is almost always a good idea.

Medical Payments Coverage, also known as Medpay, is coverage that applies toward medical bills incurred as a result of a car or truck accident. The coverage is available regardless of whether you were or were not at fault for the wreck. Generally, Medpay is available in limits of $1000, $5000, and sometimes, in $10,000.

In some instances, amounts paid by your Medpay carrier are not required to be paid back. Retaining an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you with Medpay insurance and repayment is very important. Otherwise, you may be throwing money away.

Utilizing your Medpay coverage lessens your worry about your medical bills getting paid. This seems pretty intuitive, but when you are preoccupied with mounting bills, then the pressure to settle increases. Settling early often means that you will not get the full value for your claim. Any leverage that the at-fault driver’s insurance company may have will be diminished. In short, having your Medpay cover your injury means that you are less likely to cave in to low ball offers.

If you do not have Medpay insurance, then you may want to use your health insurance, if available. If health insurance is also not an option for you, then you may want receive medical treatment on a lien basis. This means that you work directly with your medical providers, who will get compensated from your eventual recovery.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car or truck accident, or in a nursing home, and you are wondering how to pay for needed medical treatment, then please do not hesitate, call and speak to one of our experienced Atlanta car accident lawyers today.