I was injured by a hit and run driver- Do I have a claim?



It is not uncommon for our clients to have been injured, sometimes seriously, by a hit and run driver. The most common question we get is- can I move forward with a claim for my injuries?

The answer will be, “it depends.” While it may be difficult to go after an at-fault driver who cannot be found, there is a chance that you may be compensated from insurance policies, or those insurance policies held by people in your home.

Many of us carry underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage in our own automobile insurance policy. Depending on your specific coverage, this type of insurance may kick in should you be injured by a hit and run driver. A claim for your own UM coverage will be used to compensate you for medical bills, both past and future, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Even if you do not have UM insurance, there is a possibility that other insurance policies may cover you if you’ve been injured by a hit and run driver. Some auto insurance policies will cover members of the same household. In other words, a claim may be made against a roommate or co-resident with insurance.

Still, it may be possible to investigate the incident and make a claim directly against the at-fault party. Even though you might not have seen something, our office has had success in the past finding witnesses to car collisions. We may also attempt to subpoena traffic cameras to look for license plate numbers or other identifying marks, particularly for commercial vehicles.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car wreck with a hit and run driver, you will want to speak with an experienced car accident lawyer to determine insurance coverage, and to investigate the identity of the driver. So please, don’t hesitate, call and speak to one of our Atlanta car accident lawyers at Schenk Smith today. Our consultations are always free.