Why we guarantee that your receive 100% of your property damage claim.

After a car accident one of your top priorities is getting medical treatment for your injuries.  The other top priority will be repairing your damaged vehicle.  The damage to your vehicle is handled separately from any personal injury that you suffered.  While medical treatment may take months, repairing your vehicle should happen as soon as possible.  Our office has a policy of guaranteeing that you receive 100% of your property damage claim. This means we do not take a percentage of your damage claim. You get the full amount.

The exact combination of your medical bills and pain and suffering are hard to place a precise number on and will often require intense negotiations with the insurance company.  Your property damage, however, should be a precise number that equals exactly what you need to get your vehicle repaired.  Because this number is so exact we feel like you will be better served by receiving 100% of your property damage claim.  Simply put, if it costs $2,000 to get your vehicle repaired, then we want you to have the full $2,000.

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