Improper loading is a common cause of truck accidents.


When truck drivers load their rigs incorrectly, or not according to Federal and State Regulations, serious accidents can occur.

One result of improper loading is having too much cargo in an over-sized truck. This can lead to a situation where the truck is top-heavy, therefore increasing the likelihood of overturning or jackknifing.

Cargo that is not strapped down properly can shift the weight while the truck is in motion. Again, this may cause the truck to experience problems decelerating, or sometimes, the cargo can fall out of the truck and strike other vehicles on the road. Even where the cargo does not immediately strike a vehicle, the debris on the road cause a dangerous situation for other drivers.

Federal law provides explicit instructions to trucking companies on the appropriate way to load trucks.

For example, cargo must be secured within the trailer by tiedowns, shoring bars, or other methods. Cargo that is likely to roll must be fastened securely with wedges or chokes.

Also, truck drivers must take proper steps when transporting large or cumbersome cargo. Where a load extends beyond the width of the truck or projects beyond the rear of the vehicle, the driver must attach various colored lights to warn other drivers.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a truck accident caused by improper loading, it is very important that you speak to an Atlanta car accident lawyer today.