Injured In A Car Wreck On Ponce de Leon Avenue?

Fulton and Dekalb are the first and third most populous counties in Georgia respectively, with a combined population of 1,612,474 residents. With that many people, it’s easy to see why those two counties consistently have the highest roadway fatality rates in the State. Together, over 172 Georgians lost their lives traveling there in 2008. When Gwinnett County is included in this figure, these three counties account for over 15% of the total roadway deaths in Georgia.

At over 14 miles, Ponce de Leon Avenue is one of the longest roads connecting Fulton and Dekalb Counties. Ponce de Leon Avenue links several municipalities and towns with downtown Atlanta, including Midtown Atlanta, the Poncey-Highlands, the Viriginia-Highlands, Decatur, Scottdale, Clarkston, Tucker, and Stone Mountain. As such, Ponce, and it’s many secondary streets, function as the principal thoroughfare for hundreds of thousands of residents.

Unfortunately, this scenic avenue can also be extremely dangerous to navigate, particularly during peak rush hour. For most of its winding stretch, Ponce de Leon Avenue runs East to West, meaning that the dusk or morning sun can easily blind drivers’ vision. Further, there are almost no raised medians to help separate opposing lanes. As such, many of the fatalities reported in Fulton and Dekalb County occur on stretches of Ponce de Leon Avenue.

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