Can a urinary tract infection lead to death?



If left untreated, a urinary tract infection can lead to kidney failure or sepsis, a potentially fatal infection. The risk of a urinary tract infection leading to death is especially high in elderly people, which is why nursing homes and caregivers should do everything they can to prevent a urinary tract infection (or UTI), from developing in their patients. When an elderly person does develop a UTI, he or she should receive treatment for the infection as soon as possible.

A UTI is caused when bacteria infect the bladder or kidneys, which happens when bacteria find their way into the urinary tract through the urethra. The bacteria then multiply in the urine, and an infection develops. In an elderly person, a UTI can produce severe symptoms, including hallucinations, falling, fever and night sweats or chills, and pain or a burning sensation in the infected area.

When a UTI is left untreated in an elderly person, it can lead to more serious consequences, such as dehydration and further infection. If the infection spreads into the bloodstream, then it can cause fatal problems like acute or chronic kidney failure. Furthermore, UTIs are the leading cause of sepsis, a bacterial infection in the bloodstream that frequently leads to death. Thus, while a UTI itself may not be life-threatening, it inevitably leads to more serious infections that are often fatal. For this reason, a urinary tract infection should receive treatment as soon as possible, particularly in the elderly.

Because of a UTI’s potentially life-threatening nature, nursing homes have a legal duty to use reasonable care to keep their patients from developing infections. When a patient does contract a UTI, nursing homes must administer treatment as soon as possible.

If a nursing home fails to take these precautions, and a resident develops a urinary tract infection, then that facility may be liable for the consequences. This means that the nursing home may be responsible for medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, and pain and suffering.

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