Atlanta Car Accident Facts

There are over 10,000 miles of roadway in the Atlanta area. Unfortunately, with all those cars, there were over 50,000 car accidents in and around Atlanta in 2010 alone, resulting in over 1000 fatalities. Have you or a loved one been injured in a car accident? Don’t hesitate- Call an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer or Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer at Schenk Smith today for a free consultation. The Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers at Schenk Smith concentrate their practice in representing clients that have been injured in car accidents throughout Atlanta.

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Facts for Atlanta

1. Over five major interstate and dozens of major highways run through the City of Atlanta. The sheer volume of these roadways amount to a staggering 50,000 plus car accidents per year. Auto accident cases are different than other personal injury cases. It’s important the you speak with an experienced Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer soon after a wreck.

2. There are dozens of universities and colleges in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, and several High Schools.  It’s an unfortunate fact that the young are more likely to become distracted by texting, phone calls, or what’s happening in the car. By extension, car accidents involving teens and young adults occur at staggering rates. When this happens, families should reach out to an aggressive Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer to protect their rights.

3. Many areas of Atlanta, including surrounding towns, have been declared a “bicycle friendly.” This means that there are more pedestrians and bikes competing for space on Atlanta’s roads. When bikes and cars mix, car accidents are bound to occur. If you’ve been injured from an negligent act of a bike rider, an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer can help.

Atlanta has many personal injury lawyers. Fighting for our clients at trial, and making sure that we are always responsive to our clients, define our practice at Schenk Smith. That’s what separates us from the others.  We seek to win justice and compensation for our personal injury clients. We want our clients to be treated fairly.

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