After a car accident how do I get a copy of the police report?


If you or a loved one have been involved in a car or truck accident, one of the very first things you will want to do is to get a copy of the police report.

Obtaining the police report is important for several reasons. First, the police report contains pertinent information about the at-fault driver, including address and insurance information. Second, the police report also contains the officer’s investigation, including witness information, like phone numbers and sometimes a description of what the witnesses said. Third, the police report may determine who was at fault for the wreck, and what citations, if any, were issued.

Back in the day, police reports were only available at the local police department. Now, all you need is a computer, the name of the police department, the date of the accident, the name of the driver, and a credit card.

There are several companies that offer police reports online. One that my firm uses regularly is, which charges a small fee, usually around ten dollars, for the report.

These sites are great for beginning your investigation into the case, not just because you can get the report from your own crash, but you can see whether the other driver has been at fault in other wrecks. If so, this extra bit of information helps increase the value of your case.

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