Three things not to do after a truck accident.


We’ve spoken at length in other videos on the Schenk Smith website about what to do immediately after a truck or car accident. Here are some things to avoid after a car or truck wreck.

First, do not speak to anyone at the scene, or even after the wreck, other than the investigating police officer or your attorney. The truck driver’s insurance company or investigator will seek to get a statement from you. Do not give them one.

Second, do not be fooled into signing anything. If the truck driver’s representative puts a piece of paper in front of you, put your pen down and immediately contact an attorney. Even if they seem to be on your side, or telling you that they are sorry, or are dangling a check in front of you. Do not sign any document until it has been reviewed by an attorney.

Third, and along the same lines, please do not attempt to negotiate a serious injury claim by yourself. Adjusters are trained to provide as little compensation as possible- it is a part of their business model. Unless you deal with these issues on a daily basis, like most injury lawyers, you will not have a concrete understanding of what your claim is worth, and will probably be leaving money on the table.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a truck accident, and you are unsure of what to do next, it is very important that you call and speak to one of our experienced injury lawyers today.