Three reasons to hire an Atlanta car accident lawyer.


There are three principal benefits to hiring an Atlanta car accident lawyer after being injured in a car or truck wreck.

First, the lawyer is going to handle all communications with the insurance company. This is an advantage because experienced injury lawyers deal with insurance adjusters every day. Injury lawyers understand the process of negotiated settlement, valuation of claims, and when necessary, filing lawsuits. Because of this, an attorney generally has a better chance of increasing the value of your claim. In other words, having an Atlanta car accident lawyer negotiate on you behalf means that all you have to worry about is getting well.

Second, an experienced accident lawyer can help you receive the appropriate medical services for you injury. Many injury lawyers have a network of medical providers that are accustomed to working on car wreck patients. Often, these medical providers will work off of liens, meaning that they will agree to hold off on requesting payment or collecting money until the settlement or a verdict is reached by the attorney. Often, the attorney will work with these doctors and medical providers to get the bills paid.

Third, injury lawyer know how to prepare your claim for trial. Ultimately, if a fair settlement cannot be reached with the insurance company, a jury trial is going to be the only way for you to get the appropriate amount of compensation for your injury. Conducting a jury trial is almost impossible for a lay person, and even most lawyers do not take cases to trial regularly.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a car or truck wreck, please call and speak to the Atlanta car accident lawyers at Schenk Smith today.